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Books make great gifts! It's time for our Annual Holiday Gift Books Sale!

Now you can save 40 percent on ALL UNC PRESS PRINT BOOKS for the holidays. And, if your order totals $75.00 or more, the shipping is FREE.

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Below are some great gift ideas. Browse our site to find great gift books for everyone on your holiday list.

Remember, enter code 01HOLIDAY at checkout to receive your discount.

Note: Forthcoming books will be shipped as soon as they are published.
Offer good on PRINT books only. We hope to be able to offer discounts on ebooks soon.

<span style="" >Jack London </span>
Cloth: $34.95

Jack London

A Writer's Fight for a Better America

By Cecelia Tichi

Jack London as political and social activist Learn More »

<span style="" >Liberated Threads</span>
Cloth: $29.95
E-Book: $28.99

Liberated Threads

Black Women, Style, and the Global Politics of Soul

Tanisha C. Ford

The everyday act of dressing becomes a political act Learn More »

<span style="" >Florynce “Flo” Kennedy</span>
Cloth: $30.00
E-Book: $29.99

Florynce “Flo” Kennedy

The Life of a Black Feminist Radical

By Sherie M. Randolph

The first complete biography of the brilliant and ostentatious Black Power and women’s liberation leader Learn More »

<span style="" >St. Francis of America</span>
Cloth: $35.00
E-Book: $34.99

St. Francis of America

How a Thirteenth-Century Friar Became America's Most Popular Saint

By Patricia Appelbaum

The emergence of an American spiritual hero Learn More »

<span style="" >Back Channel to Cuba</span>
Paper: $25.00
E-Book: $24.99

Back Channel to Cuba

The Hidden History of Negotiations between Washington and Havana

By William M. LeoGrande and Peter Kornbluh

Now in paperback! Reveals the story behind today’s headlines about restoring full diplomatic relations Learn More »

<span style="" >Tales from the Haunted South</span>
Cloth: $24.95
E-Book: $23.99

Tales from the Haunted South

Dark Tourism and Memories of Slavery from the Civil War Era

By Tiya Miles

A new look at how we choose to remember slavery and the Civil War Learn More »

<span style="" >Little Rivers and Waterway Tales</span>
Cloth: $30.00
E-Book: $29.99

Little Rivers and Waterway Tales

A Carolinian's Eastern Streams

Bland Simpson

How we are shaped by the land and its waters Learn More »

<span style="" >The Long Shadow of Vatican II</span>
Paper: $24.95
E-Book: $23.99

The Long Shadow of Vatican II

Living Faith and Negotiating Authority since the Second Vatican Council

Edited by Lucas Van Rompay, Sam Miglarese, and David Morgan

Vatican II’s aftermath and its effects on the lived religion of American Catholics Learn More »

<span style="" >Cold Harbor to the Crater</span>
Cloth: $35.00
E-Book: $34.99

Cold Harbor to the Crater

The End of the Overland Campaign

Edited By Gary W. Gallagher and Caroline E. Janney

A new look at the long, brutal, and bloody Overland campaign of 1864 Learn More »

<span style="" >Amazing Place</span>
Paper: $20.00
E-Book: $19.99

Amazing Place

What North Carolina Means to Writers

Edited By Marianne Gingher

The powerful ways North Carolina has influenced an internationally known community of writers Learn More »

<span style="" >Little Dreams in Glass and Metal</span>
Cloth: $65.00

Little Dreams in Glass and Metal

Enameling in America 1920 to the Present

By Bernard N. Jazzar and Harold B. Nelson

The history and development of enameling art in America Learn More »

<span style="" >Born to Be Wild</span>
Cloth: $35.00
E-Book: $34.99

Born to Be Wild

The Rise of the American Motorcyclist

By Randy D. McBee

The first comprehensive history of motorcycle culture in America Learn More »

<span style="" >The Battle of Ezra Church and the Struggle for Atlanta</span>
Cloth: $35.00
E-Book: $34.99

The Battle of Ezra Church and the Struggle for Atlanta

By Earl J. Hess

The first book on Ezra Church--another major step in Sherman’s long march to Atlanta Learn More »

<span style="" >Carolina Israelite</span>
Cloth: $35.00
E-Book: $34.99

Carolina Israelite

How Harry Golden Made Us Care about Jews, the South, and Civil Rights

By Kimberly Marlowe Hartnett

The biography that Harry Golden deserves: funny, hard hitting, compassionate Learn More »

<span style="" >Finding Your Roots, Season 1</span>
Paper: $18.00
E-Book: $17.99

Finding Your Roots, Season 1

The Official Companion to the PBS Series

Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Featuring Condoleezza Rice, Kevin Bacon, Barbara Walters, Cory Booker, and more Learn More »

<span style="" >Gulf Stream Chronicles</span>
Cloth: $28.00
E-Book: $27.99

Gulf Stream Chronicles

A Naturalist Explores Life in an Ocean River

David S. Lee

A deep-water journey to the Gulf Stream and the extraordinary life found there Learn More »

<span style="" >The World the Civil War Made</span>
Paper: $29.95
E-Book: $28.99

The World the Civil War Made

Edited by Gregory P. Downs and Kate Masur

An interregional, national history that challenges traditional boundaries of post-Civil War history Learn More »

<span style="" >Sunday Dinner</span>
Cloth: $19.00
E-Book: $18.99

Sunday Dinner

a Savor the South® cookbook

By Bridgette A. Lacy

51 recipes to renew a treasured southern tradition Learn More »

<span style="" >Beans and Field Peas</span>
Cloth: $19.00

Beans and Field Peas

a Savor the South® cookbook

By Sandra A. Gutierrez

The nutrition-packed darlings of regional farmers and chefs Learn More »

<span style="" >Crabs and Oysters</span>
Cloth: $19.00

Crabs and Oysters

a Savor the South® cookbook

Bill Smith

A sumptuous array of recipes for these favored shellfish Learn More »

<span style="" >Bad Girls</span>
Paper: $27.95
E-Book: $26.99

Bad Girls

Young Women, Sex, and Rebellion before the Sixties

By Amanda H. Littauer

A surprising look at the 1950s, challenging the idea that it was a sexually repressed decade Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >Wayfaring Strangers</SPAN>
Cloth: $39.95
E-Book: $34.99

Wayfaring Strangers

The Musical Voyage from Scotland and Ulster to Appalachia

By Fiona Ritchie and Doug Orr

A 400-year story of musical migration Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >The Edible South</SPAN>
Cloth: $35.00
E-Book: $34.99

The Edible South

The Power of Food and the Making of an American Region

By Marcie Cohen Ferris

Exploring the vital intersection of food and southern history Learn More »

<span style="" >Country Soul</span>
Cloth: $29.95
E-Book: $28.99

Country Soul

Making Music and Making Race in the American South

By Charles L. Hughes

Bringing together country and soul--and their unseen connections Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >Southern Holidays</SPAN>
Cloth: $18.00
E-Book: $17.99

Southern Holidays

a Savor the South® cookbook

By Debbie Moose

Make every day a southern holiday

Learn More »

<span style="" >Gumbo</span>
Cloth: $18.00
E-Book: $17.99


a Savor the South® cookbook

By Dale Curry

Simmered from elements of many cultures Learn More »

<span style="" >Shrimp</span>
Cloth: $18.00
E-Book: $17.99


a Savor the South® cookbook

By Jay Pierce

All you need to know about America's favorite crustacean Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >The Storied South</SPAN>
Cloth: $35.00
E-Book: $40.00

The Storied South

Voices of Writers and Artists

By William Ferris

The creative heart of the South

Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >Soul Food</SPAN>
Cloth: $30.00
E-Book: $30.00

Soul Food

The Surprising Story of an American Cuisine, One Plate at a Time

By Adrian Miller

A delicious history of food and race in America

Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >The Southern Tailgating Cookbook</SPAN>
Cloth: $30.00
E-Book: $30.00

The Southern Tailgating Cookbook

A Game-Day Guide for Lovers of Food, Football, and the South

By Taylor Mathis

Win the tailgate!

Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >Latin American Street Food</SPAN>
Cloth: $35.00
E-Book: $35.00

Latin American Street Food

The Best Flavors of Markets, Beaches, and Roadside Stands from Mexico to Argentina

By Sandra A. Gutierrez

The vibrant flavors of Latin America--in your own kitchen

Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >Biscuits</SPAN>
Cloth: $18.00
E-Book: $18.00


a Savor the South® cookbook

By Belinda Ellis

All occasions befit a biscuit

Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >Bourbon</SPAN>
Cloth: $18.00
E-Book: $18.00


a Savor the South® cookbook

By Kathleen Purvis

Imaginative recipes for the American liquor

Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >A Field Guide to Gettysburg</SPAN>
Paper: $22.00
E-Book: $22.00

A Field Guide to Gettysburg

Experiencing the Battlefield through Its History, Places, and People

By Carol Reardon and Tom Vossler

A boots-on-the-ground guide

Learn More »

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