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UNC Press Staff

Note: Email firstname_lastname@unc.edu.


John Sherer
Spangler Family Director
(919) 962-3748

Laura Gribbin
Executive Assistant and Advancement Coordinator
(919) 962-0358

Robbie Dircks
Associate Director and Chief Financial Officer
(919) 962-1400

Vicky Wells
Director of Contracts and Subsidiary Rights
(919) 962-0369

Joanna Ruth Marsland
Director of Development
(919) 962-0924

Rights and Royalties Assistant
(919) 962-4200


Note: Email firstname_lastname@unc.edu. 


Mark Simpson-Vos
Editorial Director (American studies; gender and sexuality; literary studies; Native American and Indigenous studies; Civil War and military history; regional trade including North Carolina history and culture, southern culture, and nature and hiking guides)
(919) 962-0535

Chuck Grench
Assistant Director and Senior Editor (American history, African American history, southern history, western history, early American studies, Cold War and diplomatic history, classics, economic history, law and legal studies, craft and craft history)
(919) 962-0481

Elaine Maisner
Senior Executive Editor (religious studies, Latin American and Caribbean studies, regional trade including foodways and cookbooks)
(919) 962-0810

Joseph Parsons
Senior Editor (social sciences, health and medicine, business and entrepreneurship)
(919) 962-0690

Brandon Proia
Acquisitions Editor (recent and contemporary history, African American studies, current affairs)
(919) 962-0482

Iza Wojciechowska
Acquisitions Assistant
(919) 962-0538

Alison Shay
Editorial Assistant
(919) 962-0390

Lucas Church
Assistant Editor and Assistant to the Editorial Director
(919) 962-0536


Note: Email firstname_lastname@unc.edu.


Paul Betz
Managing Editor
(919) 962-0530

Mary Caviness
Assistant Managing Editor
(919) 962-0545

Stephanie Wenzel
Assistant Managing Editor
(919) 962-0366

Jay Mazzocchi
Assistant Managing Editor
(919) 962-0546

Ian Oakes
Assistant Editor
(919) 962-0549


Note: Email firstname_lastname@unc.edu.


Dino Battista
Assistant Director
Senior Director of Marketing and Digital Business Development
(919) 962-0579

Michael Donatelli
Sales Director
(919) 962-0475

Gina Mahalek
Director of Publicity
(919) 962-0581

Matthew Somoroff
Publicity Assistant
(919) 962-0585

Ellen C. Bush
Director of Electronic Marketing
(919) 962-0582

Ivis Bohlen
Exhibits Manager & Awards Coordinator
(919) 962-0594

Joanne Thomas
Marketing Designer
(919) 962-0590

Susan Garrett
Assistant Sales Manager
(919) 843-7897


Note: Email firstname_lastname@unc.edu.


Heidi Perov
Assistant Director/Design and Production Manager
(919) 962-0572

Kim Bryant
Design Director/Assistant Production Manager
(919) 962-0571

Michelle Wallen
Journals Production Manager/Composition Controller
(919) 962-0577

Jackie Johnson
Reprints Controller and Designer
(919) 962-0569

Rebecca Evans
Senior Designer/Compositor
(919) 962-0575

Alyssa D'Avanzo
Book Designer and Production Assistant
(919) 843-8021


Note: Email firstname_lastname@unc.edu.


Jami Clay
Accounting Manager
(919) 962-4203

Deborah Strickland
Accounts Payable Manager/Accounting Assistant
(919) 962-4204


Note: Email firstname_lastname@unc.edu.


Suzi Waters
Journals Manager
(919) 962-4201


Note: Email firstname_lastname@unc.edu.


Tom Franklin
Information Technology Manager
(919) 962-4196

Marjorie Fowler
Electronic Projects Coordinator
(919) 962-0471

Jim Dawson
Computer Network Support Manager
(919) 962-0331

Dennis A||man
Desktop Support Specialist
(919) 962-0486


Note: Email firstname_lastname@unc.edu.

LONGLEAF SERVICES: Orders, Customer Service, Credit and Fulfillment

B. J. Smith
Operations Manager
(800) 848-6224

Teresa Thomas
Customer Service Manager
(800) 848-6224

Terry Miles
Credit Manager
(800) 848-6224

Myra Royal
Senior Customer Service Representative
(800) 848-6224

Brad Larson
Senior Customer Service Representative
(800) 848-6224

Chris Rickard
Customer Service Representative
(800) 848-6224

Kenneth Stephenson
Customer Service Representative/Returns
(800) 848-6224


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