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James Sprunt Studies in History and Political Science

<span style="" >Place, Profit, and Power</span>
Paper: $45.00

Place, Profit, and Power

A Study of the Servants of William Cecil, Elizabethan Statesman

By Richard C. Barnett

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<span style="" >The Reconstruction of Edward A. Pollard</span>
Paper: $35.00

The Reconstruction of Edward A. Pollard

A Rebel's Conversion to Postbellum Unionism

By Jack P. Maddex Jr.

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<span style="" >Laudatores Temporis Acti </span>
Paper: $35.00

Laudatores Temporis Acti

Studies in Memory of Wallace Everett Caldwell

Edited By Mary Francis Gyles and Eugene Wood Davis

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<span style="" >Buncombe Bob </span>
Paper: $35.00
E-Book: $29.99

Buncombe Bob

The Life and Times of Robert Rice Reynolds

By Julian M. Pleasants

A new biography of one of North Carolina's most colorful and controversial politicians

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<span style="" >Urban Decline in Early Modern Germany</span>
Paper: $79.00
E-Book: $29.99

Urban Decline in Early Modern Germany

Schwäbisch Hall and Its Region, 1650-1750

By Terence McIntosh

How a once prosperous region slid into decline

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<span style="" >The Jiangyin Mission Station</span>
Paper: $55.00

The Jiangyin Mission Station

An American Missionary Community in China, 1895-1951

By Lawrence D. Kessler

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<span style="" >The Populist Challenge</span>
Paper: $35.00

The Populist Challenge

Argentine Electoral Behavior in the Postwar Era

Lars G. Schoultz

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