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<span style="" >Blue and Gray Diplomacy</span>
Paper: $39.95
E-Book: $24.99

Blue and Gray Diplomacy

A History of Union and Confederate Foreign Relations

By Howard Jones

International dimensions of the war

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<span style="" >The Correspondence of John Cotton</span>
Paper: $55.00

The Correspondence of John Cotton

Edited By Sargent Bush Jr.

Collects all known surviving letters of the Puritan leader

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<span style="" >Mutiny at Fort Jackson</span>
Paper: $29.95
E-Book: $19.99

Mutiny at Fort Jackson

The Untold Story of the Fall of New Orleans

By Michael D. Pierson

Reconsidering the largest mutiny of the Civil War

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<span style="" >The Ashley Cooper Plan</span>
Cloth: $85.00
Paper: $34.95
E-Book: $29.99

The Ashley Cooper Plan

The Founding of Carolina and the Origins of Southern Political Culture

Thomas D. Wilson

The origins of Tea Party politics and the problem of America's urban-rural fault line Learn More »

<span style="" >Muslim, Trader, Nomad, Spy</span>
Paper: $27.50
E-Book: $19.99

Muslim, Trader, Nomad, Spy

China's Cold War and the People of the Tibetan Borderlands

By Sulmaan Wasif Khan

A rare glimpse into Cold War China Learn More »

<span style="" >Lyric Impressions</span>
Paper: $25.00

Lyric Impressions

William Wordsworth in the Long Nineteenth Century

Elizabeth Ott

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<span style="" >Selling Empire</span>
Cloth: $45.00
E-Book: $44.99

Selling Empire

India in the Making of Britain and America, 1600-1830

By Jonathan Eacott

Consumer goods connected India, Britain, and America Learn More »

<span style="" >Give My Poor Heart Ease</span>
Paper: $28.00
E-Book: $27.99

Give My Poor Heart Ease

Voices of the Mississippi Blues

By William Ferris

A multimedia introduction to the blues and its roots

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<span style="" >Gendered Geographies in Puerto Rican Culture</span>
Paper: $65.00
<span style="" >La modernidad insufrible</span>
Paper: $65.00

La modernidad insufrible

Roberto Bolaño en los límites de la literatura latinoamericana contemporánea

By Oswaldo Zavala

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<span style="" >Histéresis creativa</span>
Paper: $65.00

Histéresis creativa

La injusticia distributiva en el origen de la cultura espectacular de la corte barroca, el entremés nuevo y la estética picaresca

By Vicente Pérez de León

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<span style="" >Steel Closets</span>
Paper: $24.95
E-Book: $19.99

Steel Closets

Voices of Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Steelworkers

By Anne Balay

Powerful stories of the intersections of blue-collar work, class, gender, and sexual identity

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<span style="" >The Green and the Gray</span>
Paper: $27.95
E-Book: $19.99

The Green and the Gray

The Irish in the Confederate States of America

By David T. Gleeson

Irish identity in the American Civil War

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<span style="" >From </span><span style="font-style:italic;" >Brown</span><span style="" > to </span><span style="font-style:italic;" >Meredith</span>
Paper: $30.00
E-Book: $29.99

From Brown to Meredith

The Long Struggle for School Desegregation in Louisville, Kentucky, 1954-2007

By Tracy E. K'Meyer

A community oral history of pro-integration activism

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<span style="" >Latinos at the Golden Gate</span>
Paper: $30.00
E-Book: $29.99

Latinos at the Golden Gate

Creating Community and Identity in San Francisco

By Tomás F. Summers Sandoval Jr.

Latinidad in an American city

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<span style="" >The Worlds the Shawnees Made</span>
Paper: $27.95
E-Book: $19.99

The Worlds the Shawnees Made

Migration and Violence in Early America

By Stephen Warren

The greatest travelers in America

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<span style="" >Stories of the South</span>
Paper: $27.95
E-Book: $19.99

Stories of the South

Race and the Reconstruction of Southern Identity, 1865-1915

By K. Stephen Prince

The cultural path toward Jim Crow

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<span style="" >Baptized in PCBs</span>
Paper: $27.95
E-Book: $19.99

Baptized in PCBs

Race, Pollution, and Justice in an All-American Town

By Ellen Griffith Spears

Environmental racism and injustice in Anniston, Alabama

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<span style="" >What's Wrong with the Poor?</span>
Paper: $24.95
E-Book: $19.99

What's Wrong with the Poor?

Psychiatry, Race, and the War on Poverty

By Mical Raz

Cultural deprivation theory and its troubling legacy

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<span style="" >James Madison</span>
Paper: $30.00
E-Book: $29.99

James Madison

A Son of Virginia and a Founder of the Nation

By Jeff Broadwater

The essential Madison

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