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<SPAN STYLE= "" >Strange Alloy</SPAN>
Paper: $35.00

Strange Alloy

The Relation of Comedy to Tragedy in the Fiction of Henry James

By Ellen Douglass Leyburn

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >John Clayton</SPAN>
Paper: $45.00
<SPAN STYLE= "" >Time and Reality</SPAN>
Paper: $45.00

Time and Reality

Studies in Contemporary Fiction

By Margaret Church

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >Rivers and the Power of Ancient Rome</SPAN>
Cloth: $75.00
E-Book: $69.99

Rivers and the Power of Ancient Rome

By Brian Campbell

Water flows through the history of the Roman Empire

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >David Ruggles</SPAN>
Paper: $23.00
E-Book: $22.99

David Ruggles

A Radical Black Abolitionist and the Underground Railroad in New York City

By Graham Russell Gao Hodges

The first biography of a pioneering activist, mentor to Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >Fredericksburg! Fredericksburg!</SPAN>
Cloth: $49.95
Paper: $28.00
E-Book: $27.99

Fredericksburg! Fredericksburg!

By George C. Rable

A gripping history of the battle and its place in Civil War history

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >Crisis and Commitment</SPAN>
Paper: $55.00

Crisis and Commitment

United States Policy Toward Taiwan, 1950-1955

By Robert Accinelli

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >Environmental Policy Under Reagan's Executive Order</SPAN>
Paper: $45.00
<SPAN STYLE= "" >Cornwallis</SPAN>
Paper: $55.00
<SPAN STYLE= "" >Artisans of Glory</SPAN>
Paper: $55.00

Artisans of Glory

Writers and Historical Thought in Seventeenth-Century France

By Orest Ranum

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >War Bird</SPAN>
Paper: $45.00

War Bird

The Life and Times of Elliott White Springs

By Burke Davis

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >Irving Babbitt</SPAN>
Paper: $45.00

Irving Babbitt

An Intellectual Study

By Thomas R. Nevin

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >Hoover, Blacks, and Lily-Whites</SPAN>
Paper: $45.00
E-Book: $29.99
<SPAN STYLE= "" >Benjamin Constant's Philosophy of Liberalism</SPAN>
Paper: $45.00
<SPAN STYLE= "" >Entrepreneurs of Ideology</SPAN>
Paper: $45.00

Entrepreneurs of Ideology

Neoconservative Publishers in Germany, 1890-1933

By Gary D. Stark

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