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<SPAN STYLE= "" >Plutarch's </SPAN><SPAN STYLE= "font-style:italic;" >Sertorius</SPAN>
Paper: $32.95

Plutarch's Sertorius

A Historical Commentary

By C. F. Konrad

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >America and the Japanese Miracle</SPAN>
Paper: $35.00
E-Book: $29.99

America and the Japanese Miracle

The Cold War Context of Japan's Postwar Economic Revival, 1950-1960

By Aaron Forsberg

How America's Cold War policies helped foster Japan's dramatic postwar economic resurgence

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >A Family of Women</SPAN>
Paper: $32.95

A Family of Women

The Carolina Petigrus in Peace and War

By Jane H. Pease and William H. Pease

Weaves together the stories of three generations of women across a tumultuous century

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >Inventing the Criminal</SPAN>
Paper: $34.95
E-Book: $29.99

Inventing the Criminal

A History of German Criminology, 1880-1945

By Richard F. Wetzell

Explores the study of criminal behavior in Germany from the late nineteenth century to the Nazi era

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >Salt of the Earth, Conscience of the Court</SPAN>
Paper: $45.00
E-Book: $39.99

Salt of the Earth, Conscience of the Court

The Story of Justice Wiley Rutledge

By John M. Ferren

The life and legacy of a leading high court liberal

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >The Making of a Southern Democracy</SPAN>
Cloth: $39.95
E-Book: $39.99

The Making of a Southern Democracy

North Carolina Politics from Kerr Scott to Pat McCrory

By Tom Eamon

From progressive plutocracy to modern democracy

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >Freedom's Debt</SPAN>
Cloth: $45.00
E-Book: $44.99

Freedom's Debt

The Royal African Company and the Politics of the Atlantic Slave Trade, 1672-1752

By William A. Pettigrew

Britons assert a natural-born right to trade in enslaved Africans

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >Conceiving Freedom</SPAN>
Cloth: $69.95
Paper: $34.95
E-Book: $34.99

Conceiving Freedom

Women of Color, Gender, and the Abolition of Slavery in Havana and Rio de Janeiro

By Camillia Cowling

Learning to claim freedom in Brazil and Cuba

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >Ireland in the Virginian Sea</SPAN>
Cloth: $49.95

Ireland in the Virginian Sea

Colonialism in the British Atlantic

By Audrey Horning

Extending British control in Ireland and Virginia

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >Washington Brotherhood</SPAN>
Cloth: $34.95
E-Book: $34.99

Washington Brotherhood

Politics, Social Life, and the Coming of the Civil War

By Rachel A. Shelden

The capital's highly sociable fraternity of lawmakers

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >African American Music Trails of Eastern North Carolina</SPAN>
Paper: $19.95
E-Book: $19.99

African American Music Trails of Eastern North Carolina

Sarah Bryan and Beverly Patterson with Michelle Lanier

Discover the region's vibrant music traditions

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >Two Troubled Souls </SPAN>
Cloth: $39.95
E-Book: $39.99

Two Troubled Souls

An Eighteenth-Century Couple's Spiritual Journey in the Atlantic World

By Aaron Spencer Fogleman

An illuminating microhistory

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >Confederate Slave Impressment in the Upper South</SPAN>
Cloth: $39.95
E-Book: $39.99

Confederate Slave Impressment in the Upper South

By Jaime Amanda Martinez

Challenging long-held notions about a troubling program

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >Etnografía, política y poder a finales del siglo XIX</SPAN>
Paper: $60.00
<SPAN STYLE= "" >The Triumph of Brazilian Modernism</SPAN>
Paper: $60.00

The Triumph of Brazilian Modernism

The Metanarrative of Emancipation and Counter-Narratives

By Saulo Gouveia

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >Crafting a Continuum</SPAN>
Cloth: $45.00
E-Book: $44.99

Crafting a Continuum

Rethinking Contemporary Craft

Edited By Peter Held and Heather Sealy Lineberry

Idea and action

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >The Formation of Candomblé</SPAN>
Cloth: $85.00
Paper: $37.50
E-Book: $37.99

The Formation of Candomblé

Vodun History and Ritual in Brazil

By Luis Nicolau Parés

New views of a key religion of the African diaspora

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >Sherman's Civil War</SPAN>
Paper: $65.00

Sherman's Civil War

Selected Correspondence of William T. Sherman, 1860-1865

Edited By Brooks D. Simpson and Jean V. Berlin

The Civil War seen through more than four hundred of Sherman's letters

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