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<span style="" >The Global Dimensions of Irish Identity</span>
Paper: $34.95
E-Book: $27.99

The Global Dimensions of Irish Identity

Race, Nation, and the Popular Press, 1840-1880

By Cian T. McMahon

What it means to be Irish Learn More »

<span style="" >Toward an Intellectual History of Black Women</span>
Paper: $27.95
E-Book: $26.99

Toward an Intellectual History of Black Women

Edited by Mia E. Bay, Farah J. Griffin, Martha S. Jones, and Barbara D. Savage

Celebrating intellectuals previously neglected because of race and gender Learn More »

<span style="" >The Archaeology of Sanitation in Roman Italy</span>
Cloth: $69.95
E-Book: $29.99

The Archaeology of Sanitation in Roman Italy

Toilets, Sewers, and Water Systems

By Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow

Shedding light on the private lives of Ancient Romans Learn More »

<span style="" >What Is a Madrasa?</span>
Cloth: $28.00
E-Book: $27.99

What Is a Madrasa?

By Ebrahim Moosa

What a madrasa is--and what it is not Learn More »

<span style="" >Southern Water, Southern Power</span>
Cloth: $39.95
E-Book: $38.99

Southern Water, Southern Power

How the Politics of Cheap Energy and Water Scarcity Shaped a Region

By Christopher J. Manganiello

The water wars of the South Learn More »

<span style="" >Who Is Allah?</span>
Cloth: $25.00
E-Book: $24.99

Who Is Allah?

By Bruce B. Lawrence

A unique introduction to Allah Learn More »

<span style="" >Metis and the Medicine Line</span>
Paper: $32.95
E-Book: $29.99

Metis and the Medicine Line

Creating a Border and Dividing a People

By Michel Hogue

Struggling for identity along the U.S.-Canadian border Learn More »

<span style="" >Mary Breckinridge</span>
Paper: $39.95
E-Book: $29.99

Mary Breckinridge

The Frontier Nursing Service and Rural Health in Appalachia

By Melanie Beals Goan

The comprehensive biography of a health-care pioneer

Learn More »

<span style="" >Chesapeake Gardening and Landscaping</span>
Cloth: $40.00
E-Book: $39.99

Chesapeake Gardening and Landscaping

The Essential Green Guide

Barbara W. Ellis

Creating welcoming gardens and landscapes that are Earth- and Bay-friendly Learn More »

<span style="" >Amazing Place</span>
Paper: $20.00
E-Book: $19.99

Amazing Place

What North Carolina Means to Writers

Edited By Marianne Gingher

The powerful ways North Carolina has influenced an internationally known community of writers Learn More »

<span style="" >Muslim, Trader, Nomad, Spy</span>
Cloth: $34.95
E-Book: $33.99

Muslim, Trader, Nomad, Spy

China's Cold War and the People of the Tibetan Borderlands

By Sulmaan Wasif Khan

A rare glimpse into Cold War China Learn More »

<span style="" >Country Soul</span>
Cloth: $29.95
E-Book: $28.99

Country Soul

Making Music and Making Race in the American South

By Charles L. Hughes

Bringing together country and soul--and their unseen connections Learn More »

<span style="" >The Stigma of Surrender</span>
Cloth: $34.95
E-Book: $33.99

The Stigma of Surrender

German Prisoners, British Captors, and Manhood in the Great War and Beyond

By Brian K. Feltman

A landmark examination of wartime captivity Learn More »

<span style="" >The Black Abolitionist Papers</span>
Paper: $120.00

The Black Abolitionist Papers

Vol. I: The British Isles, 1830-1865

Edited By C. Peter Ripley

Learn More »

<span style="" >Intellectual Manhood</span>
Paper: $39.95
E-Book: $29.99

Intellectual Manhood

University, Self, and Society in the Antebellum South

By Timothy J. Williams

Understanding southern middle-class masculinity in the context of antebellum education

Learn More »

<span style="" >Adventurism and Empire</span>
Cloth: $45.00
E-Book: $44.99

Adventurism and Empire

The Struggle for Mastery in the Louisiana-Florida Borderlands, 1762-1803

By David Narrett

Roving adventurists help steer the rise of American colonial power

Learn More »

<span style="" >Censoring Racial Ridicule</span>
Paper: $29.95
E-Book: $28.99

Censoring Racial Ridicule

Irish, Jewish, and African American Struggles over Race and Representation, 1890-1930

By M. Alison Kibler

The long history of hate speech--and efforts to combat it

Learn More »

<span style="" >The Life of William Apess, Pequot</span>
Cloth: $26.00
E-Book: $25.99

The Life of William Apess, Pequot

By Philip F. Gura

A courageous advocate for Native American rights Learn More »

<span style="" >Waterfalls and Wildflowers in the Southern Appalachians</span>
Paper: $24.00
E-Book: $23.99

Waterfalls and Wildflowers in the Southern Appalachians

Thirty Great Hikes

By Timothy P. Spira

Includes 125 color photos of wildflowers for plant identification Learn More »

<span style="" >Catfish</span>
Cloth: $19.00
E-Book: $18.99


a Savor the South® cookbook

Paul Knipple and Angela Knipple

Fried catfish, five ways--and much more Learn More »

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