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<SPAN STYLE= "" >Carolina Israelite</SPAN>
Cloth: $35.00
E-Book: $34.99

Carolina Israelite

How Harry Golden Made Us Care about Jews, the South, and Civil Rights

By Kimberly Marlowe Hartnett

The biography that Harry Golden deserves: funny, hard hitting, compassionate Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >Urban Green</SPAN>
Paper: $29.95
E-Book: $24.99

Urban Green

Nature, Recreation, and the Working Class in Industrial Chicago

By Colin Fisher

The untold history of urban parks and green spaces Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >Writing Reconstruction</SPAN>
Paper: $45.00
E-Book: $29.99

Writing Reconstruction

Race, Gender, and Citizenship in the Postwar South

By Sharon D. Kennedy-Nolle

How literature shaped the postwar South Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >Rhythms of Race</SPAN>
Paper: $29.95
E-Book: $24.99

Rhythms of Race

Cuban Musicians and the Making of Latino New York City and Miami, 1940-1960

By Christina D. Abreu

Music making and identity making among Cuban Americans before the revolution Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >The Jim Crow Routine</SPAN>
Paper: $29.95
E-Book: $28.99

The Jim Crow Routine

Everyday Performances of Race, Civil Rights, and Segregation in Mississippi

By Stephen A. Berrey

Southerners rewriting the scripts of racism and resistance Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >Christian Reconstruction</SPAN>
Paper: $34.95
E-Book: $27.99

Christian Reconstruction

R. J. Rushdoony and American Religious Conservatism

Michael J. McVicar

The story of the Christian Reconstruction movement and its founder Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >Guaranteed Pure</SPAN>
Cloth: $34.95
E-Book: $33.99

Guaranteed Pure

The Moody Bible Institute, Business, and the Making of Modern Evangelicalism

By Timothy Gloege

A new kind of old-time religion Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >Chained in Silence</SPAN>
Cloth: $39.95
E-Book: $38.99

Chained in Silence

Black Women and Convict Labor in the New South

By Talitha L. LeFlouria

The first history of black, working-class incarcerated women in the post-Civil War South Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >Hotel Life</SPAN>
Cloth: $29.95
E-Book: $28.99

Hotel Life

The Story of a Place Where Anything Can Happen

By Caroline Field Levander and Matthew Pratt Guterl

Much more than just a place to lay our heads Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >Mobilizing New York</SPAN>
Paper: $34.95
E-Book: $27.99

Mobilizing New York

AIDS, Antipoverty, and Feminist Activism

By Tamar W. Carroll

How grassroots community activism can effect social change Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >The End of Consensus</SPAN>
Paper: $24.95
E-Book: $22.99

The End of Consensus

Diversity, Neighborhoods, and the Politics of Public School Assignments

By Toby L. Parcel and Andrew J. Taylor

The politics and transformation of the school assignment process Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >Family Bonds</SPAN>
Paper: $39.95
E-Book: $27.99

Family Bonds

Free Blacks and Re-enslavement Law in Antebellum Virginia

By Ted Maris-Wolf

Choosing family over freedom Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >Why You Can't Teach United States History without American Indians</SPAN>
Paper: $29.95
E-Book: $28.99

Why You Can't Teach United States History without American Indians

Edited by Susan Sleeper-Smith, Juliana Barr, Jean M. O'Brien, Nancy Shoemaker, and Scott Manning Stevens

A sourcebook for history teachers Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >Lincoln's Autocrat</SPAN>
Cloth: $35.00
E-Book: $34.99

Lincoln's Autocrat

The Life of Edwin Stanton

By William Marvel

Rethinking Stanton and his place in American history Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >What Would Jesus Read?</SPAN>
Paper: $39.95
E-Book: $29.99

What Would Jesus Read?

Popular Religious Books and Everyday Life in Twentieth-Century America

By Erin A. Smith

Lived religion through the lens of popular reading Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >Longing for the Bomb</SPAN>
Paper: $26.95
E-Book: $25.99

Longing for the Bomb

Oak Ridge and Atomic Nostalgia

By Lindsey A. Freeman

The rise of atomic tourism Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >Mapping the Cold War</SPAN>
Paper: $29.95
E-Book: $25.99

Mapping the Cold War

Cartography and the Framing of America’s International Power

By Timothy Barney

The first substantive history of Cold War cartography

Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >Commanders and Command in the Roman Republic and Early Empire</SPAN>
Cloth: $59.95
E-Book: $29.99

Commanders and Command in the Roman Republic and Early Empire

By Fred K. Drogula

A new understanding of ancient Roman military command Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >The Global Dimensions of Irish Identity</SPAN>
Paper: $34.95
E-Book: $27.99

The Global Dimensions of Irish Identity

Race, Nation, and the Popular Press, 1840-1880

By Cian T. McMahon

What it means to be Irish Learn More »

<SPAN STYLE= "" >Toward an Intellectual History of Black Women</SPAN>
Paper: $27.95
E-Book: $26.99

Toward an Intellectual History of Black Women

Edited by Mia E. Bay, Farah J. Griffin, Martha S. Jones, and Barbara D. Savage

Celebrating intellectuals previously neglected because of race and gender Learn More »

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