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<span style="" >Country Soul</span>
Cloth: $29.95
Paper: $22.00
E-Book: $28.99

Country Soul

Making Music and Making Race in the American South

By Charles L. Hughes

Bringing together country and soul--and their unseen connections Learn More »

<span style="" >Town House</span>
Paper: $30.00
E-Book: $29.99

Town House

Architecture and Material Life in the Early American City, 1780-1830

By Bernard L. Herman

What houses tell us about the lives of those who dwelled in them

Learn More »

<span style="" >La madre muerta</span>
Paper: $65.00

La madre muerta

El mito matricida en la literatura y el cine españoles

By María Asunción Gómez

Learn More »

<span style="" >Erotic Mysticism</span>
Paper: $65.00

Erotic Mysticism

Subversion and Transcendence in Latin American Modernista Prose

By Nancy LaGreca

Learn More »

<span style="" >Julius Chambers</span>
Cloth: $35.00
E-Book: $34.99

Julius Chambers

A Life in the Legal Struggle for Civil Rights

By Richard A. Rosen and Joseph Mosnier

The biography of a giant in the campaign for civil rights Learn More »

<span style="" >Reparation and Reconciliation</span>
Cloth: $85.00
Paper: $29.95
E-Book: $28.99

Reparation and Reconciliation

The Rise and Fall of Integrated Higher Education

By Christi M. Smith

How segregation persists as a pervasive, malleable fact of American education Learn More »

<span style="" >The Struggle to Save the Soviet Economy</span>
Cloth: $29.95
E-Book: $28.99

The Struggle to Save the Soviet Economy

Mikhail Gorbachev and the Collapse of the USSR

By Chris Miller

Uncovering the root causes of the Soviet collapse Learn More »

<span style="" >Lovie</span>
Cloth: $34.95
E-Book: $33.99


The Story of a Southern Midwife and an Unlikely Friendship

By Lisa Yarger

The contradictions and difficulties of writing a story about the story Learn More »

<span style="" >Constantine and the Council of Nicaea</span>
Paper: $30.00
E-Book: $29.99

Constantine and the Council of Nicaea

Defining Orthodoxy and Heresy in Christianity, 325 CE

By David E. Henderson and Frank Kirkpatrick

Learn More »

<span style="" >Stages of Power</span>
Paper: $30.00
E-Book: $29.99

Stages of Power

Marlowe and Shakespeare, 1592

By Eric S. Mallin and Paul V. Sullivan

Learn More »

<span style="" >Colored Travelers</span>
Cloth: $34.95
E-Book: $33.99

Colored Travelers

Mobility and the Fight for Citizenship before the Civil War

By Elizabeth Stordeur Pryor

How travel became the vehicle for antebellum African Americans to fight for citizenship Learn More »

<span style="" >Reproduction and Its Discontents in Mexico</span>
Cloth: $85.00
Paper: $32.95
E-Book: $27.99

Reproduction and Its Discontents in Mexico

Childbirth and Contraception from 1750 to 1905

By Nora E. Jaffary

The history of reproduction and the birth of Mexican modernity Learn More »

<span style="" >Contracultura</span>
Cloth: $85.00
Paper: $27.95
E-Book: $26.99


Alternative Arts and Social Transformation in Authoritarian Brazil

By Christopher Dunn

A vibrant, globally connected countercultural scene that flourished even under a brutal military regime Learn More »

<span style="" >Blue Texas</span>
Cloth: $39.95
E-Book: $38.99

Blue Texas

The Making of a Multiracial Democratic Coalition in the Civil Rights Era

By Max Krochmal

The awakening of a movement in Texas Learn More »

<span style="" >Sharing This Walk</span>
Cloth: $75.00
Paper: $24.95
E-Book: $23.99

Sharing This Walk

An Ethnography of Prison Life and the PCC in Brazil

Karina Biondi

When the prisoner's wife is an anthropologist Learn More »

<span style="" >In Love and Struggle</span>
Cloth: $39.95
E-Book: $38.99

In Love and Struggle

The Revolutionary Lives of James and Grace Lee Boggs

By Stephen M. Ward

A couple's fight for civil rights Learn More »

<span style="" >Making Black Los Angeles</span>
Cloth: $85.00
Paper: $29.95
E-Book: $24.99

Making Black Los Angeles

Class, Gender, and Community, 1850-1917

By Marne L. Campbell

Tracing the origins of a vibrant community Learn More »

<span style="" >Christianity, Social Justice, and the Japanese American Incarceration during World War II</span>
Cloth: $85.00
Paper: $29.95
E-Book: $24.99
<span style="" >Understanding Health Inequalities and Justice</span>
Cloth: $85.00
Paper: $34.95
E-Book: $29.99

Understanding Health Inequalities and Justice

New Conversations across the Disciplines

Edited By Mara Buchbinder, Michele Rivkin-Fish and Rebecca L. Walker

Foundational work on health inequalities and the quest for justice Learn More »

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