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<span style="" >North Carolina's Barrier Islands</span>
Cloth: $35.00

North Carolina's Barrier Islands

Wonders of Sand, Sea, and Sky

By David Blevins

An incredible visual journey of North Carolina’s treasured barrier islands Learn More »

<span style="" >Live and Let Live</span>
Cloth: $85.00
Paper: $24.95
E-Book: $23.99

Live and Let Live

Diversity, Conflict, and Community in an Integrated Neighborhood

By Evelyn M. Perry

Successful diversity in one of America’s most segregated citites Learn More »

<span style="" >The Lives in Objects</span>
Cloth: $85.00
Paper: $29.95
E-Book: $26.99

The Lives in Objects

Native Americans, British Colonists, and Cultures of Labor and Exchange in the Southeast

By Jessica Yirush Stern

A fresh look at the history of object exchange between Native Americans and the British in the colonial Southeast Learn More »

<span style="font-family: 'Trebuchet MS';" >The Rise of the Arab American Left</span>
Cloth: $85.00
Paper: $29.95

The Rise of the Arab American Left

Activists, Allies, and Their Fight against Imperialism and Racism, 1960s1980s

By Pamela E. Pennock

How Arab American activists built a movement Learn More »

<span style="" >Sex and the Civil War</span>
Cloth: $29.95

Sex and the Civil War

Soldiers, Pornography, and the Making of American Morality

By Judith Giesberg

The story of how pornography and the Civil War shaped American morality Learn More »

<span style="" >The Resilience of Southern Identity</span>
Cloth: $29.95

The Resilience of Southern Identity

Why the South Still Matters in the Minds of Its People

By Christopher A. Cooper and H. Gibbs Knotts

A social scientific approach to southern identity Learn More »

<span style="" >The Second Line of Defense</span>
Cloth: $39.95

The Second Line of Defense

American Women and World War I

By Lynn Dumenil

The dual history of women’s influence on World War I and the war’s influence on women Learn More »

<span style="" >Madhouse</span>
Cloth: $90.00
Paper: $32.95
E-Book: $29.99


Psychiatry and Politics in Cuban History

By Jennifer L. Lambe

Cuba’s Bedlam Learn More »

<span style="" >Intimations of Modernity</span>
Cloth: $39.95
E-Book: $38.99

Intimations of Modernity

Civil Culture in Nineteenth-Century Cuba

By Louis A. Pérez Jr.

Daily life, market forces, and Cuba’s transition to independence Learn More »

<span style="" >Atlantic Bonds</span>
Cloth: $35.00
E-Book: $34.99

Atlantic Bonds

A Nineteenth-Century Odyssey from America to Africa

By Lisa A. Lindsay

A transatlantic story of slavery, freedom, and family Learn More »

<span style="" >The Myth of Seneca Falls</span>
Paper: $27.95
E-Book: $29.99

The Myth of Seneca Falls

Memory and the Women's Suffrage Movement, 1848-1898

By Lisa Tetrault

The evolution of the creation story

Learn More »

<span style="" >Soul Food</span>
Paper: $22.00
E-Book: $29.99

Soul Food

The Surprising Story of an American Cuisine, One Plate at a Time

By Adrian Miller

A delicious history of food and race in America

Learn More »

<span style="" >What Is Veiling?</span>
Paper: $24.95
E-Book: $27.99

What Is Veiling?

By Sahar Amer

A complete and concise introduction to one of Islam's least understood practices

Learn More »

<span style="" >Remembering the Modoc War</span>
Paper: $27.95
E-Book: $33.99

Remembering the Modoc War

Redemptive Violence and the Making of American Innocence

By Boyd Cothran

Reexamining the last Indian War in California and Oregon--and its aftermath Learn More »

<span style="" >Guaranteed Pure</span>
Paper: $27.95
E-Book: $33.99

Guaranteed Pure

The Moody Bible Institute, Business, and the Making of Modern Evangelicalism

Timothy E. W. Gloege

A new kind of old-time religion Learn More »

<span style="" >Innocent Weapons</span>
Paper: $27.95
E-Book: $33.99

Innocent Weapons

The Soviet and American Politics of Childhood in the Cold War

By Margaret Peacock

Children, propaganda, and power

Learn More »

<span style="" >A Harmony of the Spirits</span>
Paper: $30.00
E-Book: $29.99

A Harmony of the Spirits

Translation and the Language of Community in Early Pennsylvania

By Patrick M. Erben

Overcoming division through translation

Learn More »

<span style="" >Ireland in the Virginian Sea</span>
Paper: $30.00
E-Book: $29.99

Ireland in the Virginian Sea

Colonialism in the British Atlantic

By Audrey Horning

Extending British control in Ireland and Virginia

Learn More »

<span style="" >New Netherland Connections</span>
Paper: $30.00
E-Book: $44.99

New Netherland Connections

Intimate Networks and Atlantic Ties in Seventeenth-Century America

By Susanah Shaw Romney

Building the Dutch empire from the ground up

Learn More »

<span style="" >Love in the Time of Revolution</span>
Paper: $30.00
E-Book: $29.99

Love in the Time of Revolution

Transatlantic Literary Radicalism and Historical Change, 1793-1818

By Andrew Cayton

Love as a force in society and culture

Learn More »

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