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About the Book

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<span style="" >Habits of Industry</span>

435 pp., 6.125 x 9.25

ISBN  978-0-8078-4247-8
Published: November 1989

Habits of Industry

White Culture and the Transformation of the Carolina Piedmont

By Allen Tullos

Awards & Distinctions

1990 Charles S. Sydnor Award, Southern Historical Association

Habits of Industry provides a richly descriptive social, historical, and cultural account of the Carolina Piedmont -- the area between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Coastal Plain -- over the course of 150 years. By examining the social and religious culture of the region, Allen Tullos illuminates the lives of the working men and women whose "habits of industry" shaped their world.

Tullos combines archival research with an extensive collection of oral histories to shed new light on the essentially all-white textile industry in the era before World War II. He examines such topics as workers' transition from an agrarian folk culture to an industrial working class, the changing patterns of employers' paternalistic relations, and the contrasting and complimentary meanings of "industry." Using biographies and autobiographies of both mill owners and mill workers, Tullos juxtaposes the entrepreneurial narratives of the Belks, Hammetts, Tompkinses, Dukes, and Loves with the equally remarkable stories of such workers as Ethel Hillard, Alice and Grover Hardin, and Nigel League.

About the Author

Allen Tullos, assistant professor of American studies at Emory University, is editor of the journal Southern Changes and coproducer/director of the award-winning documentary films, Born for Hard Luck, Being a Joines, and A Singing Stream.


"[Tullos] has managed to tell us more about the human relations and realities of industrialization in the Piedmont and the actual people involved than anybody ever has. Those people! Unforgettable. Authentic."
--C. Vann Woodward

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