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Edward J. Blum and Paul Harvey

Edward J. Blum is author of Reforging the White Republic: Race, Religion, and American Nationalism.

Paul Harvey is author of Freedom's Coming: Religious Cultures and the Shaping of the South from the Civil War through the Civil Rights Era.

Watch: In an interview with Joanna Brooks, Ed Blum talks about Jesus, American history, and the 2012 election. Running time: 16:58.

Listen: Ed Blum talks to Terry Gross on NPR's Fresh Air (11/19/2012).

Listen: Ed Blum on God Complex Radio podcast (03/13/2013).

Listen: Ed Blum talks to The Mormon Book Review (02/28/2013).

Listen: Paul Harvey talks to The Journal of Southern Religion about using The Color of Christ in the classroom (12/13/2012).

Listen: Ed Blum talks to The Journal of Southern Religion about writing The Color of Christ (11/12/2012).

Read: An interview with the authors at Race, Place, and Jesus in American History: An Interview with Paul Harvey and Edward J. Blum at The Historical Society blog (8/20/2012).

Read: Blum & Harvey's article "How (George) Romney Championed Civil Rights and Challenged His Church" at The Atlantic (8/13/2012).

Read: Blum talks to The Daily Beast for their article "Was Jesus Lily-White? Author Edward Blum Discusses Race and the Mormon Religion" (7/27/2012).

Read: In a guest blog post, Edward J. Blum and Paul Harvey discuss Jesus jokes in the twenty-first century. Read "Jesus Jokes and Racial Pain"

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