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408 pp., 6 x 9, 32 halftones, 68 maps, appends., bibl., index

Southern Gateways Guides

ISBN  978-1-4696-0819-8
Published: June 2013

Hiking and Traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway

The Only Guide You Will Ever Need, Including GPS, Detailed Maps, and More

Leonard M. Adkins

Foreword by J. Richard Wells

Awards & Distinctions

Second Place, 2015 Book Award, Eastern Chapter Writing and Photography Contest, Society of American Travel Writers

This comprehensive guidebook provides a detailed description of every official trail along the Blue Ridge Parkway. But that's just the beginning: veteran hiker Leonard M. Adkins includes information on every trail that touches the Parkway, including the Appalachian Trail, the Mountains-to-Sea Trail, and other public pathways on national park, state park, national forest, municipal, and private lands. You'll find GPS coordinates for official Parkway trailheads, along with fifty maps and many photographs of what you'll see along the way. Adkins notes each trail's length, difficulty, points of interest, handicap accessibility, and natural features.

Far more than a guide to the trails, this book also tells you what to expect at overlooks, as well as where to dine, sleep, and find a restroom, and suggests worthwhile side trips. Elevation change charts for bicyclists, minimum tunnel heights for RVs, camping recommendations, roadside bloom calendars, sightseeing information for nearby towns, and other advice make this the perfect companion for your next Parkway adventure.

About the Author

Leonard M. Adkins is author of more than fifteen books on travel and the outdoors, including Walking the Blue Ridge, Wildflowers of the Appalachian Trail, and The Appalachian Trail: A Visitor's Companion. He lives in Richmond, Virginia.


"Information and inspiration for trip-planning."
--Associated Press

“Adkins justifiably claims that this book is “the only guide you will ever need” when hiking, driving, or biking along the Blue Ridge Parkway. . . . An excellent resource for walkers, hikers, or anyone planning a trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway.”
--Library Journal

"[Adkins is] the perfect guide to take you on the Blue Ridge Parkway. . . . I've referred back to the last edition of this book, entitled Walking the Blue Ridge, for years. The pages are dog-eared, underlined, and highlighted. Now there's a new book that I will soon love to death as well."

“The most comprehensive guide on hiking around the Parkway.”
--Southern Pines Pilot

"In the ever-expanding pantheon of guidebook writers, Leonard Adkins reigns supreme."
--Charleston Gazette

“Leonard Adkins latest guidebook Hiking and Traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway is comprehensive in every sense of the word. Not only does he detail every activity and every highlight along the route, he does so with an experienced eye and masterful language that a only writer and outdoor adventurer of his experience can muster. With this comprehensive book your experience on the Blue Ridge Parkway will be taken to its highest level.”
--Johnny Molloy, author of Hiking North Carolina’s National Forests

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