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Anne Balay

Anne Balay teaches at Haverford College.

Read: In this guest blog post, Balay shares a conversation she had with union steelworkers that highlights some of the work yet to be done to ensure a safe and open work environment for gay, lesbian, and transgender steelworkers. Read "Queer Steelworkers and Labor Unions."

Read: In a guest blog post, Balay discusses the practical difficulties marriage inequality creates for LGBT steelworkers and their partners. "The Consequences of Marriage Inequality."

Read: In another guest blog post, Balay explores how many (but certainly not all) in the U.S. GLBT community are experiencing new freedoms. As the Sochi Olympics have demonstrated, however, a corresponding restriction in rights is underway in Russia. Read "As GLBT Freedoms Expand, Who Benefits–and Who Doesn’t."

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